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ZanEdU is the premier global online education platform which provides courses specific to business process development in varying industries, as it pertains to documentation and data file management, and communication.
Providing exceptional quality educational content and learning methods, students who complete the various career channels will be capable of creating and maintaining processes for business quality and improvement. This is quickly becoming a highly sought-after skill in companies who are building and improving their communication, documentation, and data file management systems.
All ZanEdU courses comply with the Certified Documentation and Data Management Association’s standards and requirements.


ZanEdU has evaluated the common complaints online learners have, and has created a new kind of learning experience. This will not only provide for a more relaxed environment, but will also enable better retention of the content. Both these elements will result in a higher level of education and allow for graduates to approach their professional challenges with rational objectivity.
ZanEdU’s courses are designed to accommodate multiple methods of learning, providing literature that is delivered in an easy to read and exciting format, with audio visual recordings simulating a classroom environment, and audio files as an additive to the literature or for use on its own.
With predefined learning paths, individuals can follow planned courses to achieve an outcome suitable to the career they are in, or are working to obtain.


There are many requirements of the documentation and data management profession as well as many different types of organizations in the various industries. The requirements of the Documentation Managers will therefore, also vary depending on the needs of the organization.
These variances require different career paths for Documentation Managers. There are five career channels, outlined below.

Engineering Sector Head Office Documentation Management

This career pertains to managing documentation in an engineering or architectural environment, including setting the expectations for engineering and architectural information, incoming third-party manufacturing information, and the expectations and execution of creation, review, approval, and processing of this information during a construction project and thereafter, during operation and maintenance of the constructed facility. Documentation and data management software functional requirements, and land and survey information is also a vital role in this profession.

Facility Documentation Management

Managing documentation and data files at a construction site during the construction phase requires specialized methods and processes, as there are diverse parties involved and unique challenges. Interacting with the head office documentation control and with the documentation management software also carries variances unique to the construction environment. Included in this career is the need for understanding construction quality and management stages to ensure the construction project is successful.

Fabrication Documentation Management

Manufacturing organizations have many additional elements of managing documentation including the inventory, production, and the multitude of customers to satisfy. This career channel is vital to the quality management of these difficult requirements in processing documentation and data files.

Modifiable File Management

The intricacies of managing the modifiable files of numerous different types of documentation is the key to ensuring the integrity of the published versions. Without the strict management of the modifiable files, there is disarray in authorizing who has access to modify files, and what is to occur if more than one party needs to modify the same file at the same time. Particularly in the engineering sector, there are additional requirements for managing drawing and 3D model files and their references. This profession will ensure that organizations have the rules and processes in place to manage the varying control levels fit for the types of documentation modifiable files.

Corporate Governance Documentation Management

All organizations require the management of their governing documentation, and this task contains many elements that are required of the professional corporate documentation manager. This will ensure the quality of the creation and distribution, the continual improvement, and the implementation of governing rules and processes across the entire organization.

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